Navkis Educational Centre, Mysore is a secular co-educational institution dedicated to the pursuit of excellence. It nests in the heritage city of Mysore, born out of the visionary of ‘Shri M. S. Ramaiah Group of Educational Institutions’.

Navkis Mysore, a hub of value education, initiated its journey in the year 2010 under the patronage of  Ram’s Education Foundation, aims to be an institution of excellence dedicated to produce the leaders of the future. The education system engenders the development and growth of all five aspects of personality like Physical, Cognitive, Aesthetic, Emotional and Spiritual.

Navkis believes in cultivating good conduct, moral values, social capacity and self confidence, developing positive traits and will-power in students throughout their lives, fostering each individual’s personal development.

Qualified and dedicated educators promote self-confidence, integrity, perseverance, responsibility, self-respect and inter-personal skills, the key to the success of students.

Navkis strengthens the tender minds of students with high thoughts, higher ideals placing them for the highest work, to build a healthy and sound society.