The Experimental Hubs

Beckoning creativity 

Computers are where the future lies. Navkis aims at creating awareness about computers by bringing in an element of challenge and competition by inspiring the younger generation to enhance their knowledge and comprehension of issues related to computers and information technology. The school has a well-equipped computer lab with multimedia systems to provide training to the students. A rich collection of interactive learning video CDs is accessible to the teachers for explaining the topic through demonstrations. The computer lab has Internet facility, which helps not only the teachers but also the students to explore more in the subject.

The like minded Mathematicians

The Institution has established a Mathematics Laboratory as per the CBSE norms. The Laboratory can comfortably accommodate 35-40 students at a time. It contains models/kits which makes mathematics a lot more fun to learn. These activities encourage Numerical Skills, Observational Skills, Thinking Skills, Skills of Comparison, Skills of Interpretations, Problem Solving Skills, Decision Making Skills and Skills of games to develop their imagination, creativity, logical thinking. This gives a different type of approach for the subject. Students learn to relate the subject with day-to-day life and many other things related to the environment.

The school has separate well equipped laboratories for science – Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Social Studies, Mathematics and Computer to facilitate the modern teaching methodologies. The objectives are to inculcate scientific aptitude in the young minds through the experiments done by them is school’s laboratory. It provides an opportunity for the students to understand the basic concept of the subject in an easy practical and subtle manner. The students have an insight into the world of science on their own, under the able guidance of faculty members. The laboratories are self contained and well ventilated.

The active board programme of bringing technology in the classroom has made learning more interesting. Lessons come alive and the children are able to absorb what is taught through audio-visual stimulus comfortably. All classrooms are equipped with interactive smart boards.

A visionary treat

Navkis has Audio Visual Department providing the latest AV teaching aids and media facilities to the students. The necessity of an Audio Visual department in a school is of utmost importance, ensuring that the students have exposure and access to latest AV aids in learning. AV room is equipped with projectors including LCD projector, sound systems, a well equipped media library, multi – speakers with good acoustics. It has a seating capacity of 120 students.