House System

House System

NAVKIS has its own significant house system. The students are categorized into four houses based on the radiance of precious gems, Coral, Pearl, Jade and Sapphire, reflecting the fact that our children are precious gems to us. The colour of these gems depict the ideals of Tiranga and inculcates patriotism in children. Every Friday is the house day with special stage activities. The house system imbibes unison of our students.


The gem Coral symbolises joy and abundance.

The deep Saffron colour displays courage and sacrifice.


The gem Pearl symbolises wisdom and purity.

The White colour symbolises peace, unity and truth.


The gem Jade symbolises calm and serenity.

The Green colour displays prosperity and fertility.


The gem Sapphire symbolises sincerity and faithfulness.

The Blue colour displays inspiration and spirituality.

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