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  • Principal’s Message



    “Education is not the preparation for life; education is life itself” – John Dewey


         Education is the most important aspect of a person’s life. It is the urn to churn the thoughts of the human mind, the window to separate the chaff of harmful and unwanted clatter and the pot to prepare the elixir to eradicate the evils of the human mind and in doing so, to eradicate the evil of society at large.

    Education is the best tool one has, to carve out the most magnificent sculpture of one’s life. The life is the most demanding and challenging journey one can ever encounter  and education the most ardent and pragmatic way to confidentially under take this journey and find it rewarding and contending

    One never knows when life can throw a challenge, and so it is but rational to start moulding one’s mind, body and soul and right from childhood, using the best and most, effective and educative tools.

    A child whose mind is educated in the most rational, intellectual and humane way is like the sun showing an everlasting benevolence and radiance upon one and all. Children are the building blocks of the society and a nation. It is obvious that when the children of our glorious motherland India are educated, our country will reach heights of unprecedented and unfathomable glory.

    I the founder principal of Navkis Educational Centre, Mysore, take great joy and pride in stating that our institution is in this noble endeavor of man making and nation building for seven years. The children of Navkis family are imparted education in most salubrious way, where in parents are involved as actively and effectively as the teachers.

    I would like to immensely and heartily thank all my beloved teachers, non teaching staff and parents who have been instrumental in building the Navkis family to such an unparallel led glory that it has today and who toil with love everyday to take it from strength to strength in the coming years to come.

    I extend my love and warmth towards the beloved children of Navkis, whose innocence, intelligence and diligence warms the cockles of my heart and in whom I see a true reflection of the glory and the greatness of our motherland India.

    Let us all join our hands together to usher in this new academic voyage and pray to the all mighty with a sincere heart to bless all and give strength to love and be loved.

    I wish all the very best to our beloved children, staff and parents who have embarked on this pleasant journey of learning.

    V Vasantha Latha