Principal’s Message




“The highest education is that which does not merely give us information but makes our life in harmony with all existence”

                Rabindranath Tagore

 Education is the best tool to carve out the most magnificent sculpture of one’s life. It is a pot to prepare the elixir to eradicate the evils of the human mind and the evils of society at large. Education is the most ardent and pragmatic way to undertake the challenging journey of life.

Children have very intuitive, sensitive and imaginative minds. Children today are being exposed to a plethora of information from media, society, school and parents and their innocent minds are shaped by it.

In the fabric of the human society, school plays a very pivotal role in shaping the mind of child by sowing good thoughts to make the child physically, intellectually and spiritually powerful and strong.

Navkis Educational Centre, the dream of the great visionary, Shri M.S. Ramaiah has been conceptualized to educate the child in the most rational, intellectual and humane way to take our country and society to the heights of unprecedented and unfathomable glory.


  • Cultivates good conduct, moral values, social capacity and faith in the child along with academic excellence.
  • Brings the comprehensive best out of a child making him / her a disciplined human being to understand the sensitivities of the human society.
  • Instills self-confidence in child to face twists that the life throws at him / her and win the challenges gracefully.
  • Makes the child more zealous for knowledge and use the knowledge to serve the society at large rather than being just a ‘Marks magnet’ and ‘Job seeker’.
  • Inculcates the sense of discrimination between the good and bad and to choose the good to tread the right path for the betterment of oneself and society at large.

Navkis Educational Centre, a hub of value education is in the noble endeavor of man making and nation building for 9 years to serve the children of Royal city, Mysuru.

I being the founder Principal of this marvelous Institution NAVKIS, pledge that, we will be committed to the responsibility of imparting the best knowledge in the most sophisticated way to our children, making them fine human beings, the beacons of the society and nation.

I heartily thank all my beloved teachers, non teaching staffs and parents, for being instrumental in building the NAVKIS family to such an unparalleled glory and toil with love.

I extend my love and warmth towards the beloved children of NAVKIS whose innocence, intelligence and diligence warms the cockles of my heart, in whom I see true reflection of the glory and the greatness of our motherland India.

Let us join our hands together to usher in this new academic voyage and pray to the Almighty with a sincere heart to bless all and give strength to love and be loved.

I wish all the very best to our beloved children, staff and parents who have embarked on this pleasant journey of learning.

Have a great and prosperous academic year.

V Vasantha Latha